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Target your audiences better
Get intent-ready insights
about user activities
in the physical world.

Right Time
Right Context and
Right Segment
Create your own
custom audiences with
multi-segmentation filters

Easy integration with your mobile app

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Trapyz platform enables brands and marketers with

AI driven insights for better understanding of real-world consumer journeys.
Intent-based audience segmentation by analyzing patterns in multi-dimensional data.
Purchase intent and buying propensity of offline consumers for contextual targeting.
Optimised ad campaigns performance with right targeting and track offline attribution.

Understand visitation patterns, leverage actionable insights


For Digital

A marketing intelligence platform for digital marketing agencies and advertisers to deliver intent-curated to in-market audiences thus helping to optimise digital ad spends and measure offline attribution.


For Brands and

A consumer intelligence platform that delivers real-world consumer insights to analyse brand affinity and measure purchase intent across categories. A better understanding of your consumers offline journeys.


For App

An AI-based insights platform to help mobile app publishers monetize consumer data, by creating intent-enriched segments and offline attribution thus demanding higher premium on contextual targeting.

With Trapyz, brands and digital markerets can


Visualize consumer behaviour in the physical world to decipher preferences and interests.


Design marketing interventions to transition consumers from online to offline without infringing privacy.


Access real-world consumer insights on a ‘Data-as-a-Service’ model built on cloud-hosted dashboard.

Customer Success Stories

We Use Micro-Moments Along
Consumer Journeys to Understand Them
Like Never Before


The Largest OTT(Over-the-top) Video streaming mobile app

With a 300 Million user base, this market leading video content app publisher leverages audience targeting and segmentation capabilities from Trapyz to boost Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for Advertisers by generating upto a 2X increase in CTR and over a 19% increase in customer acquisition.


A 27 Billion $ French Cosmetics and Beauty Brand

A World leader in makeup, cosmetics, haircare and perfume products, this industry giant leverages curated audience segments from Trapyz enriched with real-world visitation patterns and intent to right target its digital marketing campaigns for a 5x increase in CTR & RoI on conversion.


One of the largest online food ordering and delivery app

A market share leader in the Indian online food ordering and delivery space, this platform leverages audience enrichment capabilities from Trapyz to better understand their consumer segments for generating curated in-market audience segments and increasing targeting efficiency by over 30%.

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